Preparing your daughter (and you!) for adolescence 

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Summer is prep time for us, and one big event we parents need help prepping for is adolescence. This past year, we piloted two courses for dads and for moms to help them guide their children through the tween and teen years, and the response was amazing. We’re happy to be able to offer these courses again this fall.

Do you have a budding male warrior or a girl on the cusp of womanhood? Are you worrying about how to get on the same page as your tween, or how to have big conversations with them, such as “the Talk?” How can you help them navigate the issues such as porn, promiscuity, gender confusion, peer pressure, and other pitfalls? On the positive side, how can you help them embrace their God-given sex, grow in virtue, manage their emotions, and find good friends?

Mothers have the formidable task of guiding their daughters on the path to womanhood and communicating to them the awesome power and responsibility that God has given to women. In this talk, Alicia will give you three ways mothers can prepare themselves to have the essential “talks of life” with their daughters.

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Women Wonderfully Made Course

Interested in the paid virtual course? Sign up using the button below. You and your daughter will meet with me each week via Zoom for 5 weeks starting September 8th from 7-8:15pm EST. During that time we will cover all the information she will need to be excited and empowered about the way that God has created her feminine body. This is most appropriate for girls ages 8 to 12, but older mother/daughter pairs are welcome as well! The goal of the course is to present some great information to your daughter and to set YOU up as a trusted mentor for her for the rest of her life.

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