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stories from our families

“Truthfully, to me, this is Focus on the Family for Catholics. Your love of Christ’s Church and your desire for holiness are so evident; it’s inspired me and my wife to serve each other and our kids more intentionally. We are happy to come alongside this ministry as patrons. Thank you for all you do! Thank you for your witness of love.”  – JP

“My husband and I are Catholic converts, and having a couple to look up to who has been there is so extremely helpful. On the days when I wonder if I’m crazy it is so encouraging to allow myself to be a part of a community that honors and trusts God’s plan for families.” – Beth

“This ministry has been such a great resource for me and my wife in helping us to grow in faith and our vocation. Every young Catholic family should listen to this.” – David

“Although I am not a Catholic, I am a fellow Christian and I have been so challenged and encouraged by your advice. You’ve taught me new ideas (like being ‘open to life’) that hadn’t struck me in the same way before. Please keep up the good work and know you are blessing people all over the country!” – Amy


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