We are passionate about family life!
Since the very beginning we have worked to help others grow in the grace of this sacrament.

For the first seven years of marriage we were a presenting couple with Catholic Engaged Encounter and traveled around the country doing marriage prep talks, as well as working with couples in our local community. Together we worked to begin a family ministry in our parish, Sacred Heart Families, which has been meeting once a month for the past seven years. We have been active members of our parish, Holy Family in Steubenville OH for over twenty years and we love living in such a close-knit, small Mid-western town.

Though we now call Ohio our home, we both grew up on the East coast. Mike grew up on Long Island, NY while Alicia was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Both of us came to Franciscan University to attend school where we met and got married in the middle of our senior year and Mike began working at Franciscan. There he got his MBA and spent the next ten years working in politics, while our kids came along pretty quickly! Alicia primarily stayed at home but worked part-time as a grade school music teacher, a Kindermusik educator, as well as a worship leader locally and for several women’s conferences.

Though our primary job is parenting, family ministry has always been on our hearts. Mike has spoken at several men’s conferences, and started a men’s ministry in our home parish, hosted Franciscan University Presents on EWTN, while also staying active in leadership forums around the country. Alicia actively supports mothers in our area through Mary Seat of Wisdom Classical Community, a homeschooling support group and Montessori school that she founded and currently directs. Most recently, Mike was a vice president at Franciscan University, a job he gave up to work at this ministry full-time.