Hints for Raising Happy Children

What makes kids happy? They make the choice to be happy. We often forget that happiness is a choice, and that’s something we have to model and teach our children. But in case you need some inspiration, here’s what happy kids look and act like:

Happy kids…..

  • Have time. Kids of all ages need time to play, to read, to make choices, and even to be bored!
  • Have grateful hearts. No matter what your income, kids shouldn’t get everything they want so they are grateful for what they have.
  • Have generous hearts. No one is happy when they live for themselves.  Teach children to give themselves away and to be happy about the success of others.
  • Have boundaries. Life would be very stressful if you had to figure it all out by the age of 12 or even 18!  If children are taught right and wrong then they know what is expected of them. Life isn’t a mystery; they know the path and to stay on it.
  • Have choices. Children need to experience some control over their own lives, and it’s important that they practice that control under your roof.  Empower your children to choose and experience the consequences of their choices.
  • Know who they are. Identity is essential to the human person.  When they are young, their identity comes from your family. As they grow, their identity should also include their giftedness and vocation.

Remember… we cannot make our children happy, any more than we can make them holy.  It is a choice that they will have to make for themselves. We can give them the tools and guidance, but ultimately it is in their hands.