The Family Board Meeting

The Family Board Meeting is a tool we’ve been using in our marriage for years to manage finances, set goals, and get on the same page regarding the vision for our family culture. In 2021, we led over 100 couples through the process of doing their very own Family Board Meeting in a paid course and the response was overwhelming.

Here are the stats:

  • 100% of participants rated the Family Board Meeting as “Very Good” or “Excellent”.
  • 100% of participants rated the presentations and materials as “Good!” or “Fabulous!”
  • 94% of participants told us that spending dedicated time with their spouse and affirming them was an important part of their weekend.
  • 94% said the weekend increased their desire to be intentional and enabled them to cast a vision for their family life.

When we asked couples what they would tell other couples who want to do a Family Board Meeting, or what they learned, here’s what they told us:

  • “Do it! Worth every minute to do this for your family! Great time to connect with your spouse, reflect on the past, and plan for the future through an easy, effective, and efficient process.”
  • “We were overwhelmed with the idea of talking about so many topics together. Attending the Family Board Meeting workshop helped streamline the process; we were encouraged to keep moving through the process and given fabulous advice along the way!”
  • “If you want to live an intentional family life and have a vibrant culture in your household, this is not just helpful – it is essential. And no one has the time, but for those who make the time, you won’t regret it.”
  • “Do it. It is worth the time. I feel like we are putting our hands back on the tiller instead of scrambling around the deck of the ship that is our family life.”
  • “The Family Board Meeting was a Marriage Encounter, Life Coaching Session, and a Planning Weekend, all rolled into one!  We learned how to articulate our values, goals, and dreams, and left with an arsenal of great tools to take our marriage and family to new heights. We also enjoyed the input and participation of the other fabulous couples. Highly recommended!”

The great news is that we are doing another Family Board Meeting February 25-27! And there’s still time to sign up!

Not yet convinced? If you want to find out more, join us for a FREE Webinar on January 28, 2022 and we’ll explain how it all works.

Forge greater unity in your marriage, take steps to financial freedom, and simplify the process of becoming intentional about the things that matter most in your family.  What are you waiting for?

As one couple told us,

  • “No matter where you are in your marriage or family life, do not hesitate to attend a Family Board Meeting. Only good will come out of the time you invest in it! This is without a doubt the best thing we have ever done for our marriage. Thank you Mike and Alicia!”

You can sign up for the free Family Board Meeting Webinar here.