Thanks to OSV!

We would like to thank Our Sunday Visitor (OSV) for their on-going support of The Messy Family Project.  The mission of the Messy Family Project is to empower parents, strengthen marriages, and bring families to Christ. The Messy Family Project mentors parents through our podcast, written materials found on our website, short videos, and in-person presentations around the country.

What started as a hobby has grown into an organization reaching more than 20,000 families every month. The show and resources are dedicated to honestly discussing issues affecting families today. The goal is to encourage parents and get husbands and wives to talk to each other in order to be intentional about their parenting.

Jason Shanks, president of the Our Sunday Visitor Institute shared, “We believe supporting parents ought to be one of the top priorities of the Catholic Church. OSV was proud to help launch the Hernons and their Messy Family Project. We believe this ministry is a great support for parents in their work of building vibrant Catholic families as well as a tremendous resource for pastors in trying to serve the faithful and draw in those couples on the fringes.”

The Messy Family Project is honored to continue to receive support from Our Sunday Visitor to continue to serve parents, marriages, and families.