Cana 90: Water Into Wine

Everyone likes a challenge, right? We do! At least at first! Each Lent, we admit we sometimes can bite off more than we can chew… but the problem is that after Easter (if not before), our good resolution and motivational … Continue reading

Boys to Men: Initiation Done Right

How It All Began I still remember the conversation on the beach that changed my whole approach to men’s initiation. I was on vacation with my extended family and talking with two of my brothers-in-law about our sons. We were … Continue reading

MP 090 : Teaching Your Children Self Control

“Emotions are like children. You shouldn’t lock them in the trunk, but you don’t want them driving the car either” Have you ever had a child melt down because they didn’t get what they wanted? How do we respond to … Continue reading

MP 079 : The Irreplaceable Role of Parents

“A child will have many friends and companions in their lives, but they will only ever have two parents.” ~Mike and Alicia The role of parents in the lives of their children cannot be underestimated. Of course we have a … Continue reading