MFP 195: Why You Should Argue with Your Spouse

   “It’s better to be wrong together than right alone” – Michele Doman Every couple argues.  Or at least they should.  The reason is that arguing can be a path to unity which is what marriage is all about.  Some … Continue reading

MFP 188: Cheerios in the Pew: Wrangling Kids at Mass

   “In the adult, the space of acceptance is never whole, yet it is in the child. The child is really capable of listening impartially and unselfishly, the child is receptive to the greatest degree.” – Sofia Cavalletti, Founder of … Continue reading

The Role of a Husband

  “There is a famine abroad on the earth, a famine of more serious kind and one which threatens nearly every country in the world: the famine of really great men. The world’s greatest need is great men.” Ven. Fulton … Continue reading

MFP186: The Role of a Catholic Husband

   “The world’s greatest need is great men, someone who will understand that there is no greater conquest than victory over oneself…”  ~ Fulton Sheen Host Hijack!!  Alicia’s brother Paul joins Mike for some manly conversation (but don’t worry, Alicia … Continue reading

MFP184: Creating a Safe Place to Make Mistakes

   “Instead of trying to protect yourself through your fear, learn to live dangerously! – by doing and saying what you think, know, and believe to be right, by not caring that you may be mistaken at times”  ~ Dr. … Continue reading

MFP183: Catholic Home Management

   “One earns Paradise with one’s daily task.” ~ Saint Gianna Beretta Molla  Chores, laundry, meal preparation, etc, etc…. It never ends!  But even this part of family life is an area in which God wants to enter into our … Continue reading

MFP 177 : Kids & Money: the Messy Family Take

“Teaching kids how to handle money is more than dollars and cents, it’s about character and responsibility” – Dave Ramsey Handling money is a subject that can bring about strong emotion in couples, but it’s a life skill that we … Continue reading

MFP 176: Intentional Family Life

   The family is a kind of school of deeper humanity. But if it is to achieve the full flowering of its life and mission, it needs the kindly communion of minds and the joint deliberation of spouses.  – Gaudium … Continue reading

A Hernon Christmas Story

By Katie Gamboa. The winter of 2004 was a cold, dry one in my cramped, joy-filled Steubenville home. My parents’ house was almost bursting at the seams with five rambunctious children under nine years old and two loving dogs under … Continue reading

MFP 173: Preparing for Christmas Through Advent

   “The birth of Jesus brings us the good news that we are loved immensely and uniquely by God.” – Pope Francis The Advent season is more than just a countdown to Christmas. It is a time of preparation for … Continue reading

MFP 172: The Bible & Your Family with Jeff & Emily Cavins

   “People are looking for two things: first, someone to trust, and second, a brighter future. Scripture reveals the heart of God and the plan of God which fulfills those two desires that we are ultimately looking for” ~ Jeff … Continue reading