MFP 147: Judgy Parents, Toddlers in Stores and Mean Teens

In this podcast, we discuss some good and challenging topics suggested by listeners.The first one is about parenting advice. Many parents who look for advice from friends are give absolute declarations about the “only way” to parent. But in reality, … Continue reading

MP 028 : Messy Parenting Guide to Dating

“Nothing makes a father happier than seeing a daughter with a smile on her face and her boyfriend with fear in his eyes.” – Willie Robertson Daughters AND sons need direction and guidance when it comes to dating. The world … Continue reading

MP 005 : Preparing your Tween (and yourself!) for Adolescence

“Do you know why God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac when he was 12? Because if he asked him when Isaac was 14, it wouldn’t have been a sacrifice!” The changes that happen in adolescence – physically, emotionally, and mentally … Continue reading