We believe in the books, software, and CDs listed here, and have personally used all of them. These have been a great help to us and our family, and we hope they are for you too!  When you click on the images/links here, you are not only getting a great resource but, at no cost to you, you are helping our non-profit. Let us know what you think of these recommendations.

Protect Your Family

We use Covenant Eyes to protect our computers and devices for the whole family. When you use our promo code MFP you will receive 30 days for free. Also, when you use our link and code, our non-profit benefits, again, at no cost to you. Click the image at the right for more information.

We have used both of these CD sets for our ‘growing up weekend’

1. Preparing for Adolescence by Dr. Dobson

2. Passport to Purity by the Rainey’s