MP 004 : Toddlers

Dr. James Dobson once quipped, “Give me an army of toddlers and I can overtake the world!” The toddler years are an amazing time of human development, but this transition from infancy to childhood is challenging for most parents. Join … Continue reading

MP 003 : Kids at Mass

“There goes a future choir member!” said by our pastor as we rushed out of the church building with our screaming toddler.  Getting kids through Mass is a challenge for any Catholic parent.  We can give you a lot of … Continue reading

MP 002: When Kids Fight

“Parents don’t want justice – parents want peace!”  Isn’t that how we all feel sometimes? We do want peace in our homes, but we also want to teach our kids how to handle conflict.  It’s a fact: kids are going … Continue reading

MP 001 : Parenting as a path to heaven

This is our very first podcast, and in it, we begin a conversation on marriage and parenting. It’s not just our conversation, because ultimately we want it to become YOUR conversation, a conversation between you and your spouse! This inaugural … Continue reading