MFP 195: Why You Should Argue with Your Spouse

   “It’s better to be wrong together than right alone” – Michele Doman Every couple argues.  Or at least they should.  The reason is that arguing can be a path to unity which is what marriage is all about.  Some … Continue reading

MFP193: How to Vacation

   “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Augustine of Hippo We want our community of messy families to be above average.  Intentional. Vibrant. Better than all the rest.  One way … Continue reading

MFP191: Making Time for your Marriage

   “Love is never something ready made, something merely given to man and woman, it is always at the same time a task which they are set. Love should be seen as something which in a sense never ‘is’ but … Continue reading

MFP 188: Cheerios in the Pew: Wrangling Kids at Mass

   “In the adult, the space of acceptance is never whole, yet it is in the child. The child is really capable of listening impartially and unselfishly, the child is receptive to the greatest degree.” – Sofia Cavalletti, Founder of … Continue reading

MFP186: The Role of a Catholic Husband

   “The world’s greatest need is great men, someone who will understand that there is no greater conquest than victory over oneself…”  ~ Fulton Sheen Host Hijack!!  Alicia’s brother Paul joins Mike for some manly conversation (but don’t worry, Alicia … Continue reading

MFP184: Creating a Safe Place to Make Mistakes

   “Instead of trying to protect yourself through your fear, learn to live dangerously! – by doing and saying what you think, know, and believe to be right, by not caring that you may be mistaken at times”  ~ Dr. … Continue reading

MFP183: Catholic Home Management

   “One earns Paradise with one’s daily task.” ~ Saint Gianna Beretta Molla  Chores, laundry, meal preparation, etc, etc…. It never ends!  But even this part of family life is an area in which God wants to enter into our … Continue reading

MFP 181: The Role of a Submissive Wife

The world says husbands and wives have the same or even interchangeable roles.  Some fundamentalist Christians and even Catholics say wives should let their husbands decide everything (even in regards to sexual intimacy!) and wives should obey as long as … Continue reading

MFP 180: Monks, Parents and Prayer

Lent is a great time to take inventory of our spiritual life and ask ourselves, “How am I doing in my relationship with God?”  To help us all do that, we decided to interview Mike’s spiritual director of many years, … Continue reading

MFP 179: Adolescence is Coming (if not already)

Re-release of MP005 Preparing your tween (and yourself!) for adolescence.   You try your hardest to raise your teenagers with patience, honesty and good manners, but they still end up being like you. – Anonymous There is much confusion among … Continue reading