MP 080 : Making Room for Jesus

“Seven days without prayer makes one weak.”

The days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are full of many tasks, which are fun and beautiful, but also may take our eyes off of the One we need most at this time. Making room for prayer in our busy schedules isn’t just something that is important during Advent, it’s an essential part of parenting and living as a Catholic in this crazy world. In this podcast, we take some time to define WHY we should pray, HOW you can pray, and, most importantly, WHEN you can pray.

Why should parents pray?

1. Out of Justice because God deserves our prayer
2. To gain inner peace and take time to slow down
3. Refocus on the meaning of life and to remember what matters most
4. To receive grace and strength for your day
5. To seek his blessing, provision, and protection for our family
6. Listen to God and receive His wisdom for our lives
7. Allow God to love you. Gaze upon Him and let the Lord gaze upon us

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