MP 032 : You can’t “Be anything you want to be”: Kids and Activities

“What I do, you cannot.  What you do, I cannot.  But together we can make something beautiful for God.”

~ Blessed Mother Teresa

In our culture today, kids have so many options for activities that it can be overwhelming!  How do you balance family life with sports, theater, groups, and community events especially when you have many children?  Exposure to different activities is important because children need a chance to discover their talents. Nevertheless, we are doing a great disservice to our kids when we tell them that they “can be anything they want to be” — because that simply isn’t true. Not everyone can be an award-winning quarterback or the top gymnast! However, it is true that our children each have unique gifts that they need to discover, and part of being a parent is to guide our children through this process and eliminate things on the way.