MFP 156 : Being an Adult Child of Divorce

   “Marriage is supposed to be the earthly sign of the heavenly union I will hopefully one day have with God. When this is broken, as with our parents, it can distort how those heavenly realities are perceived. But Jesus is constantly reminding me of the primacy of my relationship with Him.” ~taken from a blog post on   

During this episode, Mike shares his story of his parents’ divorce when he was a teen and his own journey of healing over the past 20 years.  But this is more than just his story.  We also share the hope that Christ brings to us in all our relationships, the lessons learned from suffering and pain, and, ironically, how the divorce actually strengthened his belief in marriage as a covenant between two people that should never be violated.  Anyone who has experienced the effects of divorce in their own lives, or who has married someone who has needs to hear this message.  Even though divorce is ubiquitous, it is not without devastating effects.  What is the answer?  Its the same answer that applies to us all – we need to be Fathered by God and find our identity in Him.  Listen in and have hope!  

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