MFP 141 : Honest Talk about Physical Intimacy: An interview with the founders of Smartloving, Byron and Francine Pirola

“The intimacy that you have with your spouse is unlike any relationship that has ever existed since man and woman were created.  It is that unique and special.” ~Byron and Francine Pirola

The sexual relationship you have with your spouse is the most intimate relationship you will ever have, but it certainly can be complicated! In this podcast, we have a conversation with Byron and Francine Pirola, founders of Smartloving and international speakers and teachers. Our conversation about physical intimacy between spouses is honest, frank, and explicit, so please listen to this podcast in privacy.  But we believe this information is desperately needed by couples, so we have created a summary and download for you to use after listening to the podcast to create a conversation with your spouse. Please listen in, use this topic as a conversation starter with your spouse, and share with others!