Messy Family Minutes #2: Parental Holiness

It is a myth that there is a perfect way to be a parent.  The reality is that every family, every couple, every child is different but when parents work together, they can figure it out.  We have ten kids of our own so we know that this path is not an easy one!

We used to think it was our job to make our children into saints. Now we realize that It is their job to make us into saints! This parenting thing is full of dying to self, hardships that are physical and emotional. Parenting makes you more aware of your sinfulness and weaknesses than almost anything else you ever will do. But this is exactly where God wants us so He can shower us with His mercy and love. God doesn’t love us in spite of our humanity – He loves us BECAUSE of it!  Parenting is our path to holiness, and as we change and mature we will be better parents.  We may even become saints! 🙂

If you’d like to hear more about this topic, check out our podcast on this same subject, Parenting Essentials.

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