Messy Family Minute #24: Failure

Messy Family Minutes!This is a Messy Family Minute from Mike and Alicia Hernon.

Have you ever felt like a failure? A failure at work? At home? In your marriage? One of the ways to overcome this nagging lie in your mind is to remember who you are.

Parents need to remember before you are a mom or a dad, you are a husband and wife. And before you are a spouse, you are a son or daughter of God. To maintain a healthy perspective in our lives, we need to confidently reclaim our identity. God, your heavenly Father, never will see you are a failure. He delights in you as His beloved child! That is your true identity.

And this is the identity that we need to help form in our children. It is by delighting in them and loving them as your son or daughter that they can more easily believe that they are God’s son or daughter. Do your children know you delight in them? Do they know they are loved passionately and individually? Imaging God’s love for our children is an important role that every parent plays in the life of their child.

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