Messy Family Minute #23: Identity

This is a Messy Family Minute from Mike and Alicia Hernon. 

Many people, especially young people in our culture today, are feeling fragmented and lost.  They don’t know who they are or where they belong.  We can see this in an extreme form in the identity politics in our culture today.  Without a strong family identity, people seek connection and belonging in other places.  

It is the job of parents to give their children their identity and mission.  Families do this through their individual family culture.  Your family culture–which includes daily routines as well as traditions–ultimately communicates a deep sense of belonging for your children. This sense of belonging as well as identity is essential for each person’s feeling of worthiness and healthy human development.  Having this security enables a person to engage with the world wholeheartedly, and ready to love.  

Our identity shouldn’t come from whatever social group we are a part of, but instead from the fact that we all come from a family, our family on earth, and our family in Heaven.   

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