Messy Family Minute #20: King of the Family

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

When people ask us about the goal of our family ministry, our answer is simple: world domination! Not by having a prolific family (although that’s one way to do it!) but by simply proclaiming Jesus Christ as King of every family. This kingship is lived out through love —love between spouses and all family members that flows out of our love for the Lord.

Where does this “world domination” plan start? Jesus has made it easy by giving us the devotion to His Sacred Heart. When a family places an image of the all-loving Heart of Jesus in a place of honor within their home, Jesus promised that they would receive heavenly graces in abundance. Grace that will bring peace to their homes, console them in difficulties, and shed blessings on all their undertakings. All of this just for proclaiming Him king of the family! A great day to do this on June 19th the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

To learn more about how to make Christ the King of your home by taking the Play and Pray Challenge and to get a download from us on ideas and prayers for the enthronement, click here.

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