Messy Family Minute #18: Mercy


This is a messy family minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

Through our Lenten fasting and prayer we learn how to control ourselves, and thus give ourselves more freely to others. And since we have been called to the married vocation, the first people we need to give ourselves to is our family. Instead of giving your family what you owe them, lavish them with love above and beyond what they deserve, as our Father does with us.

The first person to love lavishly is your spouse. Take time to ask them how you can show mercy this Lent. Learn how to love them more. Maybe rid yourself of a habit that they find annoying. These habits may not be wrong, but it shows you are ready to give above and beyond what is required.

You can also create healthier habits regarding things that are not desirable for your family. Maybe it’s refraining from negative humor and sarcasm. Maybe it’s not raising your voice. Making a resolution to change how we relate to our family is an effective use of this time of Lent – maybe even more than giving up chocolate!

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