Messy Family Minute #16: Cana90

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

We believe that parenting is a path to holiness. Sacrificing and suffering are built right into the vocation of being a spouse and a parent! St. John Paul told us, “Families, become what you ARE!” meaning that if you want to be holy— be a better father, mother, sister, son, husband, or wife. Holiness can be found by embracing the call to be a family!

To help couples celebrate Lent and Easter, We have developed a program called Cana90. Cana90 is designed to help couples grow in holiness through commitments of prayer, fasting, and mercy – but all these commitments are made remembering that the path of holiness is found through loving your spouse and children.

Our Cana90 program provides guidance to help couples make good choices together. We provide free videos, podcasts and even activities to do with your children!

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