Messy Family Minute #14: Family Culture

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

Many parents are greatly concerned about the way that secular culture influences their children. What’s a parent to do? It’s impossible for us to isolate our children from all outside influences. To inoculate their children against secular culture, Catholic parents need to create a family culture that is more dynamic and appealing than the culture that the world offers.

Family Culture is the unspoken system that binds your family together and communicates expectations, beliefs, and values more powerfully than any written word. It forms the way of life for your family. Parents need to be thoughtful and intentional about the culture that they are stewarding within their home, because those messages are being heard by all of your children all of the time.

A strong positive family culture is the secret weapon of Catholic parents because it will help children to recognize that the culture of the world is shallow and unsatisfying.

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