Messy Family Minute #10: Worry

My mother raised ten children and now she has over 45 grandchildren all over the country! That is a lot of marriages, children, and relationships to be worried about! But she has adopted a wise saying that we will give to you: “Worrying is against my religion”

Kids are absolutely unpredictable, and the media tends to fill our minds with the latest crisis. Concern for our kids is good because we want to protect them, but we have to recognize that there are things we cannot control, and those things belong to God. When we take responsibility away from God for things that we can’t control, that causes worry.

In Matthew 6, Our Lord says to us very clearly that He knows all of our needs and He does not want us to worry about tomorrow. He does not promise us an easy life of rainbows and sunshine, but He does say that He will always be with us, no matter what difficulties we may encounter.

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