Messy Family Minute #7: Habits

Creating good habits is an important part of family life, especially at the beginning of the school year. St. Francis said, “Let us begin again, for until now we have done nothing.” This is a great inspiration for us because we are probably the most consistently inconsistent parents out there, and we are always beginning again! It is hard to create habits in ourselves, let alone a group of children!

To start a new family habit, you need to first sit down and create a plan with your spouse. Remember, most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important. Then you need to implement the plan together. Think about the pushback you may get from your kids and be ready to deal with it. Talk to older kids ahead of time and gain their buy-in first. Connect your new habits with a bigger vision for your family life.

And keep them motivated! Connect your habits with good things that kids like to do. Show them the positive consequences of their actions.

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