Messy Family Minute #6: The Role of Parents

There is something unique about the love of a parent and child. Nothing can replace it. Your children will have many friends, companions, and peers in their lives, but they will only have one mother or father. This relationship is so special that we need to make sure that we never take it for granted or allow anyone to take our place.

Sometimes we get caught up in wanting the perfect youth minister, teacher, or coach for our children, especially as they get older. There’s nothing wrong with that, and we thank God for those adults who have come into our children’s lives, but no one will effect your child as powerfully as you.

Parents, remember that the authority that you have as a parent isn’t because you are perfect, or holy, or even that you have all the answers (because we all know that we are just making this up as we go along!). Instead, your authority comes from the fact that God has entrusted this child to you. Step into your role with confidence knowing that God will give you the grace you need to be the best parent you can be.

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