Messy Family Marriage #5: Marriage-Based Parenting

As moms and dads we have a natural and grace-filled desire to lay our lives down for our children, to provide for their emotional and physical needs as best we can. Moms particularly can tend to burn themselves out for the children, right ladies? Lunching on leftover mac and cheese, getting up five times a night, cleaning endlessly … how should parents live an ordered life?

The first thing we need to remember is that there is no sacrament of parenthood. You receive the grace to be a parent through the sacrament of Matrimony — through your marriage! That is how you will bring grace into your family — through celebrating your marriage. Putting your marriage first is the way to be great parent.

Dads, you need to step in and remind your wife that she is first and foremost your beloved bride. It was God’s order that you were first married, and from your love came the children. Remember your marriage is the foundation of your family.

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