Messy Family Minute #4: Family Retreat

When we see how crazy this world is, we can be tempted to isolate our family on a desert island and leave it all behind. Well, that’s not really practical, but one thing you CAN do is take your family away on your very own Family Retreat. The goal of this retreat is growth in your family identity and relationships and to give you time to intentionally pray together as a family unit.

The four parts of the family retreat are family bonding activities, prayer, teaching, and FUN! We have learned that if you are going to PRAY with your children, you also need to PLAY with them! When parents develop these four aspects of their weekend away with their kids, the results are amazing. Devoting time to your family has a lasting impact on your kids, especially if you make it a tradition every year.

To enable more families to do a Family Retreat, we have put together some videos to help lead moms and dads through their own retreat planning process as well as a kit to make it super easy. For more on this visit:

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