Messy Family Minute #3: Board Meeting

As moms and dads, we are pulled in many different directions. Our world is frantic and sometimes chaotic. We parents need to take a pause, take some time away to become more intentional in our Catholic family life. We suggest a tool that we call the Family Board meeting. This meeting is a time for you and your spouse to affirm each other in your giftedness, cast a vision framing what you want your family to look like, and set concrete goals to make that vision a reality.

More than ever, our world needs dynamic Catholic families. That only happens when parents are intentional about building a Catholic family culture within their home. Take time to build a culture that is stronger and more influential on your children than the culture of the world that surrounds them. To help you run this board meeting we’ve created a tool for you.  Get the worksheet and work with your spouse to be more intentional in your family life. (Download here)

To learn more about the Family Board Meeting, listen to this podcast.

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