Messy Family Minute #1: Water into Wine

Sometimes it can seem that our family life is hum-drum, monotonous, and insignificant. But Christ began his public ministry at the wedding at Cana. When we read this account in the gospel, we are reminded that our marriage, our ordinary family life, IS important to God.

Our Lord and Our Lady love our families and they are present with us. They desire to change what is ordinary into the extraordinary. The Lord can take our simple and everyday tasks and make them holy. Like the servants at the wedding at Cana, we need to notice when we run out of wine. When we run out of joy. When we run out of love. It is then that we can turn to Our Lady and ask for her help. She can bring Christ into our lives, our ordinary water, and transform it into wine. And when we invite Christ into our lives to transform us, He creates the best wine of all.

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