The Messy Family Minute is a bite-sized inspiration and encouragement to help strengthen marriages, empower parents, and draw families closer to Christ.  All of this in less than a minute!

Originally Broadcast on EWTN

MFM 22 – Christian Maturity

We get questions all the time about when a parent should allow a child to experience certain freedoms such as having a smartphone, going to parties, or dating. The answer is not clear-cut…

MFM 23 – Identity

Many people, especially young people in our culture today, are feeling fragmented and lost.  They don’t know who they are or where they belong….

MFM 24 – Failure

Have you ever felt like a failure? A failure at work? At home? In your marriage? One of the ways to overcome this nagging lie in your mind is to remember who you are…

MFM 19 – Challenge

In our ministry, we have heard from many families who are struggling with from all this time cooped up together. We asked ourselves, how can we take this difficult time and make it into a blessing? …

MFM 20 – King of the Family

When people ask us about the goal of our family ministry – our answer is simple – world domination! Not by having a prolific family (although that’s one way to do it!) but by simply proclaiming Jesus…

MFM 21 – Play

A wise woman once told us, if you are going to pray with your kids, you have to play with them. Raising our family of ten has taught us that this maxim is very true! Why is this? Well, as parents …

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