Messy Family Minute #67: Kids and Money

This is a messy family minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

Teaching kids to handle money can be tricky for parents. In our own experience of raising ten children, we have used envelopes, allowances, and more! Here’s a tip from what we’ve discovered: There’s a “sensitive period” for money when kids are about ten to twelve years old. Be alert to when your child expresses interest in learning about money, and then take advantage of the teachable moment.

Don’t pay kids to do daily household chores because they need to understand the importance of contributing to the home. However, we have found it is a good idea to pay for extra chores. Give your children a chance to earn money, whether by raking leaves, moving stones, or deep cleaning a room. In addition, a great job earns a bonus! This trains them in excellence and gets them ready for work outside the home.

Giving your children experiences earning money is important because this is your time to train them – to save, to budget, and to tithe – to give money away because ultimately it comes from God.

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