Messy Family Minute #62: Working With Failure

This is a messy family minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

Some people are down on setting goals, saying, “What’s the point? We make a plan and then it fails.” If this describes you and your family life, we want to tell you: don’t be discouraged. Failure is actually part of the process of learning! Everyone is going to fail. The question is what do we do with that failure? Failure teaches us what not to do, how to overcome adversity, and sometimes, what our limits are.

Failure can also inspire creativity, collaboration with others, and a deeper reliance on God! Really the only failure is those situations that we don’t learn from. We need to pick ourselves up and try again! For the sake of our family, we can never stop trying to improve our marriage, ourselves, and our parenting.

Entrust everything — including your failures — to our Heavenly Father. We invite you to join our Family Board Meeting course and let us walk with you to discover God’s unique call for your marriage and family.

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