Messy Family Minute #59: Screens & Kids

This is a messy family minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

When it comes to screens and our kids, we parents have a default response: “Turn it off! Go outside!” But have we ever given that advice to ourselves? The first step in helping our children manage technology is to look at our OWN use of screens. I have to ask myself: How much time do I spend on my phone?  Am I spending all my evenings on the computer? Am I a good model for my child or teen when it comes to screens?

The time suck of technology is one of the major concerns that parents bring to us. And the first thing we tell them is that we parents have to start with ourselves. If it’s a challenge for us to limit technology, how much more challenging will it be for our children, tweens, and teens?  Our own struggle should give us empathy with them as we help them manage the challenge of technology.

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