Messy Family Minute #57: Grandparents

This is a messy family minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

Three years ago we became grandparents and it is just as wonderful as everyone told us it would be! We are blessed to have the love of five grandchildren and we look forward to many more!

Grandparents are a blessing to children because they have a different perspective on life in general. We usually can see the problems that toddlers or teenagers have with different eyes than their parents. We have more time to pray for them, and more time to serve. Our very lives dedicated to God and to our vocation is a witness to the joy of living the gospel. But what is the role of a grandparent in the life of a grandchild?

The best thing a grandparent can do is boldly love. Love your grandchildren deeply and by doing so you will be an image of God’s love for them. Love your adult children by supporting them, even if they choose to raise their children differently than you raised them. Parents are the most powerful influence in the life of a child and you, as a grandparent, need to build up that relationship between your child and your grandchild.

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