Messy Family Minute #52: Saints and Your Kids

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

Are your kids obsessed with superheroes? Mine certainly are — or have been! That age, when kids start identifying their favorite heroes, that’s indicating that they are seeking role models. And that is a great time to start teaching them about the saints. Encourage them to find their personal hero in heaven.

You might want to start with their patron saint: the saint they are named after, but don’t lock them in. Look for a saint whose interests and temperament matches theirs. Unlike superheroes, saints are real. If they’re interested in certain countries or historical periods, point them to saints who lived in those times and places. Find books or movies they will enjoy about that saint.

And unlike historical figures of the past, saints are alive in heaven. Let your child know that you can befriend a saint. You can speak to them, ask them for help, and know they are listening. And be pro-active: if you hear about a saint who strikes a chord with you regarding your child, ask that saint to pray for your child.

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