Messy Family Minute #47: Real Joy

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

I have a feeling most of us think of joy as some kind of fluffy-feely emotion that we sometimes confuse with just being happy with the situation around us. Well, that’s not the way joy works.

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit which comes from the decision to put Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last. We receive joy when we quit being self-centered and focus first upon the Lord. As the Blessed Mother proclaimed, “My spirit rejoices in God my savior.”

And after rejoicing in God, rejoice in others. Find joy in your spouse and your children, the greatest gifts He has given you! But you can also be thankful for the annoying neighbor or the person in front of you at the grocery store… By making the choice to put them first, and by denying ourselves we make room for God’s grace to act. We can be joyful in all circumstances.

So to experience JOY – get these 3 items in order – Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.

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