Messy Family Minute #45: Transition Times

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

The summer’s over, and change is on the horizon: school starting, new schedules, sports & activities ramping up…The natural response might be: panic! I’m overwhelmed already!

Plus family life is full of unexpected transitions too: a baby’s on the way, someone’s sick, we’re moving. All three at once! Aaah! The temptation is to let good habits and discipline slide during those times. How can you as a parent use transitions instead of being run over by them?

In our Family Board meeting guide, we encourage families to define their family’s values and cast a vision. Use times of transition to go back to those values and vision and re-focus. Seize the moment to start a new habit or correct a bad one.

And remember that our God is always there, offering us grace. Ask Him for His provision. Then tackle the transition as a couple, knowing that you are children of a loving Father Who will be there in every season.

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