Messy Family Minute #41: Grace Builds on Nature

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

So two farmers are both praying for rain. One farmer is not doing anything except praying. But the other farmer prays as he plows his field, pulls weeds, fertilizes, and then prays more. Which of those farmers is going to benefit more from the rain when it comes?

This is a good illustration of how grace builds on nature. You need to be steeped in prayer but you need to use the natural gifts God gives you.

You and your spouse are a team. You need to communicate and work on your marriage regularly. If you are not working in unity with them, you’re limiting how God can act. Ask yourself: how can my spouse and I work together so we can be more open to God’s grace? Sure, prayer is essential, but it isn’t magic.

When confronted with conflicts and challenges in marriage, we need to begin by looking at ourselves and discovering ways to grow personally so we can love our spouse more effectively. And ALL these things work so much better when you are steeped in grace.

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