Messy Family Minute #39: Dinner

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

Want to do something with your kids that will automatically set them up for success in their physical and mental health, that will more deeply bond them with their siblings and with you? What about something that will increase their vocabulary, improve their academic performance, lay a foundation for spiritual growth, and will take less than five to seven hours a week? Additionally, it’s something you need to do anyway and is actually pretty enjoyable? Would you be interested in doing that?

The amazing event that will deliver all of these benefits is the family meal. God has designed us so that our body needs food and our soul needs community. The family dinner table fills both those needs. Sadly, fewer and fewer families, even Catholic families, are partaking in this vital ritual. Having a regular family dinner does take planning, but if you and your spouse make bringing the family together for one meal a day a priority, it can happen.

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