Messy Family Minute #33: Lenten Prayers

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon

Lenten prayers with children look very different than a religious community or a couple praying by themselves.  Kids make praying…. Interesting to say the least!  Though celebrating Lent takes on a different character when you have children, it still can be a blessed and grace-filled season for all of you.

We would like to encourage you to create an environment in your home that will teach your children just as effectively as any words you may say.  This is one of the many joys of being Catholic!  We have so many things that children can see, smell, touch, and even taste that communicate to them the truths of our faith. 

Here are a few ideas. Purchase stations of the cross cards for your home and post them on the walls so you can walk the way of the cross at home.  On Fridays, eating a simple meal of beans and rice, or bread and cheese is a great way to introduce children to the ideas of fasting.  Make an altar with a crucifix, crown of thorns, and purple cloth to remind children daily of this penitential season.  

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