Messy Family Minute #31: Lent Sacrifices

 This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon

We believe that parenting is a path to holiness.  Sacrificing and suffering are built right into the vocation of being a spouse and a parent!  This Lent, why not focus on ways in which you can really dive into laying down your life for your family.  How can the sacrifices you make every day at home help you increase in holiness?  Where can you give more to your spouse and children?  How can you sacrifice for them?  

 To help couples celebrate Lent and Easter, We have developed a program called Cana90.  This is a free program offered on our website that guides you through discerning commitments for Lent that will help you be a better spouse and parent.   St. John Chrysostom encourages us to consider commitments of prayer, fasting, and mercy.  All Catholics who are called to the married vocation should consider what these commitments look like in their home.   

If you want to join us, and hundreds of other couples on this Lenten journey, sign up by visiting us at