Messy Family Minute #30: Traditions

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon

Most families celebrate holiday traditions, but do you appreciate why traditions are so important? Your family’s traditions are built around what your family values, and they strengthen your family culture by communicating to your children more powerfully than any written word. If you value your Catholic faith, then you should have traditions in the home which communicate its importance.    

During the Advent and Christmas season, it is so easy for us to get caught up with what the world values and neglect to do the things that reflect what we as a family truly value. Take the time to light your Advent wreath and say a prayer or read Scripture each night. Create decorations that reflect Catholic ideals and display them. Read the Christmas story or have your own children do a Christmas pageant for your family. These are all traditions that can communicate your values more powerfully than anything you can say. And when they are repeated year after year, they will be firmly planted within the heart of your child. This is why traditions for the Catholic family are so important.  

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