Messy Family Minute #29: Date Night

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

One word of advice that we hear from couples with great marriages is to make a regular date night a priority. Spending dedicated time alone with your spouse is an essential foundation for a vibrant marriage. Date Night is a time for busy couples to look at each other and say “I remember you!” 

We know making time for each other can be hard when children are little but actually, that is when it is most important!  Never allow your children or busy schedules to become an excuse for not prioritizing your marriage. When we had young children, sometimes on a Friday night one of us would put the kids to bed and the other would set up the living room with candles, flowers, and fun food. Or we would ask friends to watch our kids and we would do the same for them. Or we would get up early and spend an hour or so alone before the children woke up. There are many ways that you can carve out time to focus on your relationship but you have to be intentional.

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