Messy Family Minute #28: Online Influence

This is a Messy Family Minute with Mike and Alicia Hernon. 

Social media has enabled us to be more connected than ever with people from our past, friends who we rarely get to see, and family who live far away. This can be a great blessing, but when used without guidance by children, social media can actually de-form a child’s social development.

An essential aspect of a child’s development is their relationship to the world. This happens through interactions between a child and their peers and a child and adults. Because of social media, most teens are overwhelmingly more influenced by their peers than by the adults in their lives. This is a problem.  

94% of parents underestimate the activity of their children on social media. Don’t be that parent! Use filtering and monitoring apps to protect your child and stay engaged with their tech use. Or better yet, hold off on introducing your child to social media.  You want to be the strongest influence in your child’s life for as long as possible.  

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