Messy Family Minute #27: Works of Mercy

This is Mike and Alicia Hernon with a Messy Family Minute.  

For years we felt like bad Catholics because, with our young family, we didn’t have enough energy to cooperate in parish campaigns to do Works of Mercy in our community. Then the realization came–the works of mercy can be practiced at home!  As a matter of fact, they should be first practiced at home. 

What do parents do every day? Clothe the naked, give food to the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, shelter the homeless… Maybe even visit the imprisoned when you send them to their rooms! Think about it: there is no one you see every day who needs you more than your children. Your kids have nothing except what you give them. They are dependent upon you for their survival, for their emotional, psychological, and spiritual health.  

Begin by showing mercy within your home and allow it to be a means of transformation for you. You can take the ordinary work of your life and transform it into a means of extraordinary grace. 

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