Messy Family Minute #26: Kids and Kindness

This is Mike and Alicia Hernon with a Messy Family Minute.  

It is often said that kindness begins at home. But sometimes the home is the most challenging place to be kind. A family’s days are too often rushed and it can seem as if parents are just taxi drivers — getting people from one place to another!  Sometimes, we need to pause and make a renewed effort to form our children in kindness.

One of the first ways to instill kindness is by requiring kind behavior. Or as we often say, fake it until you make it! When you require and train young children to act with kindness, very often the heart follows. Begin with the action and you will be training their heart. 

Another key element is to catch your kids in the act of doing good. Praise their courteous behavior and affirm their identity as kind and generous people. Often we focus on catching our children being bad. We need to be just as eager to catch them doing good.

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