Messy Family Minute #25: Sibling Conflict

This is Mike and Alicia Hernon with a Messy Family Minute.

St. John Paul II tells us that the family is the school of virtue, but for many parents, it feels like a school of warfare!  Siblings, no matter what the age, tend to have conflict with each other over an endless number of issues.   We are here to tell you that first of all, even though it feels like your children will never get along, they CAN be best friends someday! The fighting doesn’t last forever, but you will need to be proactive in developing strong ties between siblings.  

First of all, give them the tools they need to resolve conflict.  That means teaching them how to listen to others, how to ask forgiveness, and how to take responsibility for their own actions.  Second, resist rushing in to solve every conflict for them because they need to learn how to figure things out for themselves.  Last, keep perspective.  These children will be in relationship with each other for a long time and if they aren’t getting along when they are 4 or 6, don’t lose heart!  They will have years to figure it out with your guidance.  

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