Patron Drive 2019

Will you partner with us? We are a non-profit organization that exists to serve families and we rely on the generosity of our benefactors.

One year ago the Messy Family Project launched our full-time ministry to serve families and how much has happened!  We have doubled the number of monthly listeners, increased our email list by five times, created numerous downloadable resources for families and spoke in-person to over 5,000 people all over America and Australia!  All of this has been made possible because of you – our listeners and supporters. Thank you for spreading the word about this ministry!

We are excited to share with you some special gifts we have put together. We hope these items will not only strengthen your bonds as a family but also deepen your relationship with God.  Unfortunately, we cannot ship overseas, but we are happy to email a digital copy of resources to you.


Become a Parenting Team member

$25 Monthly
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Become a Family Circle member

$50 Monthly
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Become a Founder

$100 Monthly
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Special Thank You Gifts

Advent Kit

All your family needs to celebrate feasts and celebrations from Advent to Epiphany in one place and with our original book to guide you.

* Prepare the Way of the Lord! A Messy Family guide to celebrating the seasons of Advent and Christmas and feast days in December

  • Advent Candles
  • Jesse Tree ornaments
  • St. Nicholas Day coins
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe book and image
  • St. Lucy Day ribbons
  • Epiphany blessed chalk for New Years

Messy Family Book Bag

All families have things they need to cart around – why not do it with a Messy Family bag? Included in this quality canvas bag are three books that we highly recommend to help you increase your devotion to our Lord and to help your family come closer to Him this season.

  • Prepare the Way of the Lord! A Messy Family Guide to Celebrating the Seasons of Advent and Christmas and Feast Days in December.
  • Abba’s Heart: Finding Our Way Back to the Father’s Delight by Neal Lozano
  • My Path to Heaven the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for Children by Geoffrey Bliss

Messy Family Swag

Proudly tell the world that you too have a “messy family”! We are unashamedly asking you to promote our work by wearing our t-shirts, using our drawstring bag, and play with your kids using our MFP frisbee. MFP listeners are our best marketing team!

  • Two MFP Tshirts
  • MFP frisbee
  • Four 3in stickers
  • MFP candy tin
  • MFP drawstring bag

One time donation of:

Gift: Advent Guide

Gift: Advent Guide or MFP Swag

Gift: Select from any above

Gift: Select from any above

Gift: Select from any above

Donate by mail:

Mail your gift to: The Messy Family Project, 117 S. Hollywood Blvd #140, Steubenville, OH 43952