Games We Love

“…the ability to be “at leisure” is one of the basic powers of the human soul.”
– Josef Pieper, Leisure, the Basis of Culture

Have you listened to MP 093 Leisure, Life, and Games We Love and are you looking for the list of games we love?

Well, here is our list of recommended games for these age groups. Alicia explains eight of the games (see links to audio explanation below). If you want to buy these games from Amazon, click the links below and our ministry will receive a small bonus. So thanks for buying through these links!

For 3-6yr olds – Kids this age are just learning the basics of taking turns, winning and losing, and following the rules. Games need to be super-simple, but they can be fun especially when they incorporate appropriate developmental skills.  


Memory Hedbanz Uno Zingo

Games that are FREE

  • Freeze Tag Kids find it hard to keep still but love running and “unfreezing” each other.
  • Hide and Seek – A classic! Keep it within limits so you don’t lose anyone!
  • Red Light Green Light – Little guys are learning control over their bodies, so any games where you have to move and stop are good for them and fun as well.

For 6-12yr olds – Elementary-aged kids are learning how to act in a group.  What are the rules of behavior? How do we work together? What is a basic strategy for winning? These are games that teach these lessons while enabling kids to be successful and have fun.  

Parcheesi Checkers Connect 4 Guess Who
Card Games
(gin, war, bluff)
Battleship Jenga Blockus
Apples to Apples Twister Yahtzee

Games parents like AND 6-12 yr olds can play (but probably not win) – Your kids may not be too competitive in these games, but if you have older kids and adults playing, this age group can join in to become part of the fun without getting frustrated.  

Ticket to Ride< Monopoly Clue
Chess< Scrabble

12 and up
(Beware- kids this age may actually beat you at these games!) You may be surprised at how good your kids may be at these games.  This is a great way for them to build self-esteem.  It’s a big deal when you beat Dad at Splendor!  Click the links to hear Alicia explain the group games that we like to play.

Splendor Codenames One Night Settlers of Catan
Pandemic Munchkins Balderdash Taboo

Listen to how to play these FREE games:

FREE Games that multiple ages can play and enjoy together! Click on the name of the game to hear Alicia explain how to play…

More FREE games that parents make up so they can “parent” and not work too hard

  • Sleeping Game – Dad “sleeps” in a chair and kids sneak up and try to take something from him before he can grab them.  If he touches anyone, that child must start from the beginning.

  • Quiet Game – First person who talks is out.  Love it. 

  • Directions game – Kids have to follow three directions in a row, and one is an actual chore. “Take 3 baby steps, pick up the books off the floor, and skip to put them in the study.”